Balance Update

We have had a lot of feedback about how easy the game is in the beginning. This was by design, but it looks like we went too far off the mark. So in this update, we have increased the early game difficulty a little. 

Squad capacity has been reduced:
– lvl 1: 2 down from 3
– lvl 2: 3 down from 4
– lvl 5: 4 down from 5
– lvl 8: 5 down from 6
– the final, 6th slot is now unlocked at level 11

First two tutorial encounters have been made a little tougher:
enemy attack debuff weakened from -80% to -70%

This update also includes a number of bugfixes:
dead units used to provide experience even if they were dead before the combat has begun
stat displays were buggy in combat and numbers would overlap with text
you used to be able to highlight things on the strategic map when hovering over UI elements, this has been fixed

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