Completed rework of warrior talents

We’ve been working on talent rework for a while.

1. The heroes have new delicious talents that affect all units in the squad.

2. Each talent branch, leading to “Mass Inspiration”, received one additional talent, strong and very attractive. For example, temporary protection against damage, mass regeneration or increase in lifestealing. Having learned the “Mass Inspiration” branch, the hero can learn a very useful talent, giving a single buff to an initiative, damage, and healing for all units in the squad.

3. The Warrior class (both the hero and the mercenary) received a lot of new talents, reinforcing their role as a tank or damage dealer, and also expanding their tactical arsenal. Now, in order for the Warrior Hero to learn all the available talents, he needs to spend 130 talent points. For the Warrior Mercenary, this would be 95.

4. Currently, the talents for the Archer class – both for the Hero and the Mercenary are actively added.

Look forward to a release patch in the near future.

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