The Arrow

We’re proud to announce the release of a major update: “The Arrow”.

Hero Archer (Marquis and Marquise) and Mercenary Archers have both received many new interesting talents. The theme of these new talents revolves around increasing Damage, Armour Piercing, and Absorption Piercing, as well as abilities to debuff their enemies.

New Talents

Here are a couple of examples of new talents:
– the ability to lower the enemy Initiative and impose a debuff upon the enemy Armour and Absorption
– inflict bleeding wounds that do damage over time for a few turns

With these new changes, archer has a significantly increased the number of available tactics in battle, becoming a sort of a “Battle Director” thanks to the ability to control the flow of combat.

Thanks to their debuffs, the archer became the best friend of the magicians and second best (after the healer) friend of the warriors. With their help, the slow magicians now will be able to overwhelm the enemy magicians, warriors, and even healers. And the warriors, previously unable to pierce the enemy Armour and Absorption, now with the help of the updated archer will be able to inflict enormous damage even on the most well-protected enemies.

The changes are live, so let us know what you think. We really value your feedback!

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