Balance re-work

After a lot of internal discussions, we are adding passive effects to all in-game units, this allows us to make units more different from one another.

After doing a lot of play-testing, we have come to the conclusion that the game was simply too easy. Your character was always ahead of the enemy in terms of level, as long as you chose weaker enemies. That was fun in a way, but the strategic element of the game was lost. Here are the changes we are introducing to address that:
1. Giants are more impactful now. We have increased their base health as well as the reward from slaying them. This gives them more chances to put pressure on the player, as a result, they feel scary and powerful. Not merely an annoyance.
2. Warrior class as a whole had too much damage potential, especially with talents. This made certain encounters too easy, so we have reduced their damage by about 20% but gave them more health in exchange. This makes them feel a lot more different from other classes now, as well as smoothing out some of the difficulty spikes.
3. The overall difficulty has been increased, you won’t find enemies that present no challenge anymore unless you choose to skip some entire areas.
4. We have slowed down the leveling process somewhat, you may find yourself having to find a few more battles to earn a level.
5. Unit prices have gone up, picking up a new recruit is no longer a matter of spending 50g to get any one of them, most of them cost 200 or more now, so you will have to consider your investments more carefully.

Having play-tested this major re-work – we’re super happy with the results. The game has a much more challenging feel to it, this combined with some of the previous changes put the difficulty curve in a very good place from our point of view.

But we want to hear from you, what do you think? Do feel it’s in a good place, is it too hard, too easy too and why?

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