The Wand

We’re proud to announce the release of a major update: “The Wand”.

Hero Mage (Viscount and Viscountess) and Mages have received eight new talents. “Water Shield” and “Water Guardian” minorly heal mage and allow them to regenerate part of their Health. “Ice Shield” and “Ice Guardian” increase mage absorption and slow down their enemies. “Air Shield” and “Air Guardian” increase mage armour and make them sift. “Witchcraft” – is a nightmare for enemies, who heavily depend on healing, because with this talent mage hugely reduces the healing effectiveness. Fantastically useful and entertaining talent “Dark Art”, randomly debuffs all enemies, transforming mage into the King of debuffers.

Also, mages now increase the parameter Life Steal every level (diminishing formula applied).

Parameters of all units are delicately changed.

All enemy squads on the map are reinforced.

Added Gambler Potions. They increase getting experience in combat and every combat round provide random buffs or debuffs.

The changes are live, so let us know what you think. We really value your feedback!

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