Wind of change

Today we are proud to bring you a major update dubbed “wind of change”.  We have been hard at work on this patch for almost a month. This update touches almost every aspect of gameplay, here are just a few things you can expect to find:

New classes. Number of classes in the game has been almost doubled, male and female characters now have different classes and play quite differently, in some cases fulfilling entirely different roles even.

Introduction of personality traits. These are passive abilities that each character starts with. Traits are powerful and provide very different strengths to each character.

Introduction of new talents for Giants. These are intended to make giants have a larger impact on their squad.

Introduction of 4 new guardian auras. Strong buffs for some of the enemy guard groups to keep you on your toes and give them each a distinct flavour.

Re-balancing of experience rewards. These are quite minor, only select few groups have changes to provide better pacing to the game and smooth out the difficulty curve.

Numerous bugfixes and quality of life improvements

Let us know what you think.

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