Patch 1.2

1. Changed Armor mechanic. It no longer provides 1:1 damage reduction, the formula now has diminishing returns. What this means is that armor will provide less damage reduction in general, but its usefulness will remain constant. If you have 0 armor, and you get 5 armor – it will reduce the damage you used to get by 5%, and if you have 50 armor and you get 5 more – the damage you are getting now will also be 5% lower compared to before. It’s all relative now.
2. Balance update.
– The difficulty around early to mid-game has been reduced significantly, you shouldn’t find yourself in a hopeless fight anymore when being attacked by a wandering AI
– Added cooldown to enemy spawning, this should make it a lot easier to protect your settlements
3. Stability improvements.
4. UI improvements.
5. Visual effects improvements.
6. Improved performance, you should see a few less stutters in the FPS.
7. Many bugfixes.

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