Managing tons of effects

It is theoretically possible to get more than 50 effects on a character, from potions, talents and various other sources. This kind of situation is rare, but it gets more and more likely as the game progresses and the player accumulates power.

A simple way is to hide some of that information

Now, if you want to see all 42 effects – you can press on the pointy symbol to show everything

Question is – “what do to hide?”, a naive approach is to simply show fist few effects and hide the rest, but those that you hide could be a more impactful on the game than the remaining ones.

We dealt with the problem by sorting the effects according to their impact on the character. So stronger effects appear first and weaker ones appear last. Here’s an example

Survivalism effect is very strong on lvl60 Witch as she has a fair amount of absorption, so that +75% absorption increases her survivability quite a lot.

In contrast, Retribution Shield does almost nothing for the Witch, so it appears last and would normally be hidden.

This system is not perfect, but it attempts to clean up the UI and make the game easier to comprehend by presenting smaller set of information and sorting that information intelligently.

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